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About Me

Welcome to Authentic Perspectives! 

Hello, I’m John, your guide on this transformative journey toward self-understanding and acceptance. Unlike traditional medical models that may not effectively serve the gifted, neurodivergent, highly sensitive, and 2/e-autistic adult community, Authentic Perspectives offers a different path. 


Before diving deeper into my story, let’s set the stage: this page aims to provide you with an overview of my professional credentials and personal journey.


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Unveiling My Inner Journey

My path to self-discovery began with two profound statements. First, “You are being taken advantage of,” which rattled my core and made me question my life’s trajectory. Second, “Inner tension, anxiety, and depression are necessary,” which ignited my desire to understand and mold my psyche.

Like many, I often felt like an outsider, missing the universal guidebook that everyone else seemed to possess. Over time, I discovered that the guidebook was within me; I just needed to assemble its fragmented pieces with compassion and curiosity.

Embracing the Intersection

For the past several years, I immersed myself in the study of giftedness, autism, highly sensitive individuals, and the Theory of Positive Disintegration.


This multi-disciplinary approach led to a paradigm shift in how I perceive myself and the world around me. 


Now, my lens is clearer: I understand my triggers, embrace my unique abilities, and communicate more effectively.


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Grounded in Alternative Frameworks

Moving beyond the limitations of the traditional medical model, my coaching practice is deeply rooted in the Theory of Positive Disintegration, providing a transformative framework for psychological growth and self-awareness. 


This approach is further enriched by Jennifer Harvey Sallin’s holistic model of giftedness, allowing for a nuanced understanding of the giftedness experience. Learn more here in an informative article written by Jen: What is Giftedness.


These frameworks offer an integrated approach encompassing trauma-informed care, integrative psychology, and neuroaffirming perspectives. 

Guiding Your Journey

My mission is to facilitate your journey toward self-creation. We’ll work together to unearth your authentic self, break away from societal molds, and cultivate a sense of self-acceptance.


Through this process, you’ll gain the tools and insights to consciously direct your life, leveraging a range of strategies, methods, and theoretical frameworks, many of which have been effective in my own journey.

Specific Background

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  • Master of Social Work with a concentration in Groupwork specializing in mental health and substance abuse, University of Connecticut.
  • Master of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of New Haven.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Connecticut.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2012 in the State of Connecticut.

Related Gifted/Autistic Specific Training & Consultations:

  • Completed Gifted Psychology 101 and Giftedness Profiling Training with Jennifer Harvey Sallin at Intergifted, enhancing my understanding of giftedness.
  • Participated in the “Leading in our Changing World” course for gifted leaders with Jennifer Harvey Sallin.
  • Engaged in professional consultations with Chris Wells, PhD, LSW, at the Dabrowski Center, deepening my knowledge of Positive Disintegration.
  • Regularly attend a monthly study group on the Theory of Positive Disintegration, facilitated by Chris Wells, PhD, LSW., at the Dabrowski Center, deepening my knowledge of Positive Disintegration.
  • Actively participate in online collegial groups focused on giftedness and Positive Disintegration.
  • Underwent two Personal Qualitative Gifted Assessments: first with Jennifer Harvey Sallin and later with Fabienne Wydler, the second one post-integration of understanding my 2e-autisticness and trauma to get a clearer picture.
  • Received professional coaching and mentoring for personal growth on 2e-autism from:
    • Jennifer Harvey Sallin of InterGifted.
    • Fabienne Wydler of InterGifted.
    • Katy Higgins Lee, MFT of Tending Paths
    • Silver Huang, of Turning Towards Aliveness, previously of InterGifted.

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