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Holistic Life Mapping:
A Unique Journey for Gifted, Neurodivergent, and Highly Sensitive Adults

A Transformative Framework

At Authentic Perspectives, I offer a unique avenue for gifted, neurodivergent, and highly sensitive adults to navigate their complex psychological landscapes.

We welcome you whether you have received a professional diagnosis or identify as self-diagnosed. 


The coaching services pivot on the Theory of Positive Disintegration, offering a tailored pathway for those seeking to:


  • Integrate psychologically after (re)discovering their gifted identity by delving into configurations of the psyche and manifesting their unique traits in daily life.
  • Challenge existing paradigms, morals, and self-views to attain higher degrees of autonomy, authenticity, and empathy, particularly for those undergoing active Positive Disintegration.
  • Address specific gifted challenges like alienation, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and more, all within the framework of Positive Disintegration.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey tailored to your unique psychological needs, we invite you to take the first step. Contact us to start your journey with Authentic Perspectives today.

Transitioning to the Details

Now that you have a glimpse of the overarching framework, let’s delve into the specific strategies and approaches that make Authentic Perspectives a sanctuary for your psychological exploration and growth.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Your Journey

I recognize your complexity and adapt our approach to meet your specific needs and preferences. Through two potent mechanisms—mirroring and establishing a real relationship—we create a sanctuary for your exploration and growth.

The Lenses of Reality: Mirroring and Real Relationships

Engaging with a like-minded individual can help you normalize and explore parts of yourself that have long felt hidden. Our coaching sessions serve as a mirror where you can safely experience your full self.


Over time, we aim to cultivate a real relationship, unclouded by adaptive strategies or masks, that serves as a lens to a clear, present reality.

Phases of Your Transformational Journey

Your journey will involve various stages, from the initial fears and resistances to profound self-discovery and integration. We navigate this path together, confronting challenges and catalyzing your personal transformation.

Strategies for Sustainable Change

We move beyond mere conceptual understanding to practical application, designing your life around your newfound psychological wholeness. This encompasses emotional intelligence, relational authenticity, and intuitive trust in life’s journey.

The Essence of Our Communication

My coaching style incorporates a neuroaffirming perspective, contrasting with traditional medical models. I serve as your guide, offering challenges and insights as you traverse the intricate maze of your psychological landscape.

Defining the Boundaries: Coaching vs. Therapy

It’s vital to recognize that Authentic Perspectives offers a range of services including coaching, clinical therapy (for those in Connecticut), and mentoring.


Here are some guidelines to distinguish between therapy and coaching:

Why Authentic Perspectives?

I offer a flexible, creative relationship that transcends geographical limitations and traditional clinical bounds. My approach focuses on your holistic experience as a gifted, neurodivergent, or highly sensitive individual. By integrating various models and theories, I aim to foster psychological wholeness and personal growth. Here’s why Authentic Perspectives stands out:

  • Holistic Approach: Emphasizing the whole person, not just specific issues.
  • Flexible and Creative: Tailored to meet your unique needs, regardless of location.
  • Integration of Models: Utilizing diverse frameworks like the Theory of Positive Disintegration to guide your journey.
  • Specialized Support: Catering specifically to gifted, neurodivergent, and highly sensitive individuals.
  • Empathetic Understanding: Drawing from my lived experience and professional expertise to offer compassionate guidance

Session Recording and Analysis


To maximize the value of our sessions, I provide an optional recording service. You will receive:

  • A video of the session
  • An audio recording
  • A written transcript
  • A detailed session analysis

This service ensures you can revisit our discussions and insights whenever you need, supporting your continuous growth and development.

Take the First Step

If you’re prepared to embark on this transformative journey, reach out today. At Authentic Perspectives, we focus on understanding your unique gifted, neurodivergent, and highly sensitive traits and integrating them into an authentic life that aligns with your deepest values and aspirations.

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