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Coaching for Gifted, Neurodivergent, and Highly Sensitive Individuals

Welcome to Authentic Perspectives:
Embracing Your Neurodivergence for Transformation

Welcome to Authentic Perspectives, where your journey to psychological wholeness is guided by the Theory of Positive Disintegration. Feel like an alien in a neurotypical world? You’re not alone, and more importantly, you’re not without paths to transformative change.

At Authentic Perspectives, I understand the frustrations faced by neurodivergent individuals navigating a neurotypical world. Mainstream approaches to psychological development often leave us feeling disconnected and misunderstood. Here at Authentic Perspectives, things are different. I offer a specialized, transformative path to psychological wholeness for gifted, neurodivergent, and highly sensitive individuals.

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Understanding Your Mind, Unlocking Growth

From managing perfectionism and imposter syndrome to navigating the complexities of emotional intelligence, Authentic Perspectives is your compass in the intricate landscape of gifted, highly sensitive, and neurodivergent adulthood.


Authentic Perspectives is a source of clarity and understanding. I specialize in coaching gifted, highly sensitive, and neurodivergent adults, as well as individuals who are both gifted and autistic.

Whether you have received a professional diagnosis or identify as self-diagnosed, your unique experiences are accepted, honored, and respected within this space. I am well-versed in the complexities and sensitivities that come with being neurodivergent in a neurotypical world.

My approach goes beyond the deficit-based and unconsciously conforming norms – we claim your authentic self, build on your strengths, and use it as a catalyst for change.

The Authentic Perspective Sauce: The Approach

At Authentic Perspectives, a neuroaffirming approach is taken. Unlike the medical model that views us as broken, I view neurodivergent individual as different, with unique strengths and perspectives. This provides a fresh lens focusing on strengths, not just the deficits. I don’t just apply cookie-cutter solutions:

  • Methods are rooted in the Theory of Positive Disintegration.
  • I emphasize elevating your emotional intelligence by employing techniques that encourage self-awareness, enhance interpersonal skills, and cultivate resilience.
  • Your sessions are (with your permission) recorded for you to revisit anytime. Learn more about the recorded sessions on the Working Together page. On the Holistic Life Mapping services page, you can also learn more about the services and recorded sessions.
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Breaking Free from Limitations

I understand the frustrations of seeking support within the traditional medical model. Limited availability and awareness of the unique needs of gifted, neurodivergent, and highly sensitive adults among service providers who rely on off-the-shelf solutions can be disheartening. That’s precisely why Authentic Perspectives exists – to create a support paradigm for you.

Through this website, I aim to provide:

  • Relevant and Appropriate Services and Products: Offerings tailored to meet your needs, providing practical and effective solutions that resonate with your experiences.
  • Suitable Strategies and Pertinent Knowledge: Offer strategies and knowledge directly applicable to your experience, equipping you with the tools necessary for introspection and self-discovery.
  • A Sense of Community: Authentic Perspectives is not just a coaching service; it’s a building community of individuals walking similar paths and fostering connections, providing a platform for sharing experiences, and offering support.
  • Possibility and Hope: This work aims to instill a sense of possibility and hope in your life. I believe in your potential. 
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