A Proven Method for Knowing
if Therapy Is Working for You

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Navigation by the Stars

There is a nostalgia and wonder in using the stars to find direction. It’s also kind of a neat skill to share with others… but it’s not a skill you would ever want to need. That would mean you are lost.

Fortunately, GPS exists and can give you exact and precise navigation. It gives immediate feedback… and importantly tells you if you are moving in the correct or incorrect direction.

Like GPS for Therapy

Considering the idea of therapy inevitably means life is not going the way you feel it should be. Similarly, you would want to know if you are experiencing benefits from therapy and that the therapist is focused on you.

We could rely on a general feeling of “I guess it is working.” But this sort of feels like navigating by the stars.

Therapy with me incorporates two one-minute tools – one at the beginning of the session and one at the end. And they give both of us the answer – is therapy working and is our relationship working.

It is sort of like a GPS for your therapy.

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Feeling Unappreciated Is a Relationship Killer

There is an ancient parable of the blind men and the elephant. It generally goes like this:

There is a group of blind men who come upon an animal they have never encountered before. An elephant. Each man learns and theorizes what this object is by touching it. But… each man has a different part of the body and only one part such as a leg or the tusk.

Each man describes their partial experience but, of course, they each disagree on what exactly an elephant is. They only have a fractional piece of information of the whole.

What does an elephant have to do with therapy and your relationships?

Too often we feel badly about ourselves and relationships because we:

  • Use partial experiences as being the whole truth,
  • Misunderstand the other person’s partial experience, and
  • Do not consider that we may only be partially right and only have partial information.

Therapy with me is about putting all the experiences together to get to the Truth.

Being in therapy with me is a search for the truth. Truth being the full experience of life – and this means recognizing that life is joyful and painful, life is confusing and clear, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

I guide you to being honest with others… and of equal importance… yourself. Gaining this skill is extremely powerful. Suddenly, you feel able to handle all that life throws at you.

We can only control our own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Beyond this, we cannot change the past and we cannot control the future.

I guide and work with you while you place yourself in the driver’s seat of your own life.

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