You made a mistake but you are still a good man

Therapy for Men in Hamden, CT

A man who procrastinates in his choosing will have his choice made for him by circumstance. Hunter S. Thompson


Let’s find you a way to get through it.

James came into my office a wounded man. He was in a rocky marriage and overworked…feeling reduced to a paycheck dad and a stranger to his wife. He had no time or energy to do the things he loved or spend the time he wanted with his family.

He was self-loathing, overworked, and unhappy.  His resentment and anger would course through his veins, and he lashed out at those he loved most. It felt good for an instant – but then regret sets in. He ended up feeling isolated and lonely yet again, because he pushed people further away. Yet he wanted a better life and took his therapy seriously. 


Compassion and Self-Compassion

All men experience fear, disappointment, anger, conflict, and stress. There are many approaches to recover from the challenges of life, but two are particularly potent in warding off feelings of alienation, inadequacy – and even shame.

By design, compassion connects and self-compassion soothes. Compassion helps you relate to others and know how they feel; self-compassion is being aware of your own suffering in a way that is supportive and not harsh. 

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You are a Good Man and Will Find a Way Through It

And I am here to help. The very emotions of anger and resentment push people away and increase feelings of isolation, often compounded by unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or poor eating.

Practicing compassion puts you in cooperation with the world – not competition. Self-compassion strengthens your emotional resiliency.

As we work together, you will find yourself feeling more connected to those that you love and living a life that you can control. 

Becoming an Integrated Man

Through therapy, you can develop the skills to stop people-pleasing, set boundaries, engage in respectful conflict, and enjoy satisfying intimate relationships.

Going through therapy is like going to the gym for the mind. It makes you find who you are and pushes your limits. You become accepting and being all of who you are.

Through honesty to yourself and others, you embrace your unique power, assertiveness, courage, and passions. But, you are also honest about your imperfections, mistakes, and dark side.

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