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A man who procrastinates in his choosing will have his choice made for him by circumstance. Hunter S. Thompson

Why Aren’t You Hiring Me

Sir, you haven’t applied for a position.

I’ve been coming everyday for a year, tell you how much I love the store, buy things, you know that.

I understand that, Sir, but I’m confused.

I even told you I needed a job; why haven’t you hired me?

Sir, we didn’t know you wanted a job, and we don’t have any open positions.

Ahh, you are all the same!

Reimagine this Scene with Your Significant Other

Thinking to himself: I make dinner, I clean up, I go to those parties with her coworkers where I don’t know anyone… and still she complains that I don’t ‘clean the kitchen counters.’

Instead of noticing all that I had done and thanking me, she focused on the on thing I hadn’t finished yet.

All I want is to be appreciated and loved; is that too much to ask?

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The Problems Are the Same

The first scenario seems absurd. Of course, the clerk at the store couldn’t have known this guy wanted a job; he was coming in and buying stuff. That’s what a store is for.

The second scenario seems familiar, though. Yet, the issue is the same, how does she know what her man wants from her. He doesn’t ask for it or communicate how he is willing to be treated.

Becoming an Integrated Man

Through therapy, you can develop the skills to stop people-pleasing, set boundaries, engage in respectful conflict, and enjoy satisfying intimate relationships.

Going through therapy is like going to the gym for the mind. It makes you find who you are and pushes your limits. You become accepting and being all of who you are.

Through honesty to yourself and others, you embrace your unique power, assertiveness, courage, and passions. But, you are also honest about your imperfections, mistakes, and dark side.

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